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Conditions of sale

1. General provisions
1.1 - These conditions refer exclusively to the negotiation relationships between PMR2 Project S.r.l. (COE SM26570), with registered office in Dogana - Republic of San Marino, via Consiglio dei Sessanta, n. 99, henceforth briefly referred to as PMRquadro, and any subject, professional or consumer, henceforth referred to as Customer briefly, who makes purchases online on the website www.bizetamotor.com: they are susceptible of modification and the modified version is effective from the date of publication on the website.
2. Object and method of stipulation of the contract
2.1 - With these general conditions of sale, PMRquadro sells and the customer purchases remotely via telematic tools the goods indicated and offered for sale on the site www.bizetamotor.com.
2.2 - The contract is concluded exclusively through the Internet by accessing the Customer at www.bizetamotor.com and the realization of a purchase order according to the procedure provided on the site itself.
2.3 - The sales contract is completed by the exact completion of the request form by the customer and the consent / confirmation to the purchase manifested by PMRquadro through acceptance / acceptance sent online, after viewing a web page of the order summary ; in the summary, printable, will be reported the data of the customer and order, the price of the purchased good, shipping costs and any additional charges, the methods and terms of payment, the address at which the product will be delivered and the existence of the right of withdrawal within the terms of the law: these elements must be considered indispensable for the purposes of perfection and effectiveness of the contract.
3. Availability of products
3. 1 - The availability of the products refers to the actual one when the Customer places the order. It must however be considered merely indicative as the available products could be sold to other customers before the confirmation of the order due to the simultaneous presence on the site of multiple users, or it could occur an IT anomaly that make available to purchase a product which in reality it is not.
3.2 - Even after the submission of the online access / confirmation by PMRquadro, there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of the product; in such eventuality the order will be corrected automatically with the elimination of the product or of the products not available and of this the Customer will be immediately informed by e-mail, also regarding the modalities and timing of reimbursement of the sums paid by them.
4. Payment of the price and refunds
4.1 - Each payment by the Customer can be made only by means of one of the tools indicated on the PMRquadro web page.
4.2 - Regarding any reimbursement to the Customer, the same will be credited back by one of the methods chosen by the Customer from those proposed by PMRquadro, in a timely manner and, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal pursuant to the subsequent clause n. 7, within the term of 14 days from the date of receipt, at the headquarters of PMRquadro, of the returned product, except for the verification of its integrity as established in the following point 7.3.
4.3 - The communications relating to payments and data communicated by the Customer when they are made is on special lines protected without PMRquadro becomes aware of the data related to the payments themselves.
5. Prices
5.1 - All sales prices of the products displayed on the website www.bizetamotor.com are expressed in Euro.
5.2 - Shipping costs and any additional charges are not included in the purchase price but are indicated and calculated, based on weight, size / volume and destination of the product, at the time of the conclusion of the purchase process before of the payment of the product, as they are also charged to the customer.
5.3 - The Customer accepts PMRquadro's right to modify its prices at any time; the product will in any case be invoiced on the basis of the prices indicated on the site at the time of the creation of the order and indicated in the adhesion / confirmation online by PMRquadro.
5.4 - In the event of an IT, manual, technical or any other error that could lead to a distortion of the selling price of the product that would make it obviously exorbitant or otherwise insignificant, the purchase order will be considered invalid and canceled. The amount paid by the Customer will be reimbursed within 14 days from the date of cancellation.
6. Times and methods of delivery
6.1 PMRequadro will deliver the products selected and ordered according to the methods indicated on the website at the time of the offer of the asset.
6.2 Delivery times may vary from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 14 working days from receipt of payment of the order made. In the event that PMRquadro is not able to make the shipment within the aforementioned term, it will promptly notify the Customer by e-mail.
7. Right of withdrawal
7.1 In compliance with the provisions in force, the Customer, where he is a "consumer", has the right to withdraw from the purchase (right of reconsideration) without any penalty and without the need to specify the reason: this right must be exercised within the term of days 14 starting from the date of receipt of the product.
7.2 In the event that the Customer intends to exercise the right of withdrawal referred to in the previous point, he must notify PMRquadro by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the registered office of the Società in Dogana - Republic of San Marino, via Consiglio dei Sessanta, n. 99.
7.3 The product must be returned intact in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment) and with the attached tax documentation: without prejudice to the right to verify compliance with the above, PMRquadro will reimburse the amount received in relation to the product returned within the term of 14 days.
7.4 The right of withdrawal is in any case expressly excluded in relation to products made to measure or customized and in any other case provided for by the consumer protection legislation.
7.5 The only costs to be paid by the Customer in the case of exercising the right of withdrawal pursuant to this article are those directed to the receipt and return of the goods.
7.6 With the receipt of communication by PMRquadro of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, except as provided in paragraph 7.4 above, the parties are dissolved by any mutual contractual obligation, except of course, in the case of withdrawal profit, the restitution obligation from PMRquadro of the price already received.

8. Guarantee of conformity - Complaints
8.1 In case of receipt of a defective product or in any case not compliant with the order placed, the Customer has the right to replace the product provided that the defect or non-conformity are reported to PMRquadro in terms of law, respectively, of 30 days or 8 days from reception depending on whether the customer has the quality of consumer; the complaint of the defect / non-compliance, which must be sent to PMRquadro through the appropriate contract form, under penalty of invalidity of the complaint, must follow the timely return of the product to allow PMRquadro to have adequate knowledge of the condition of the product.

9. Protection of privacy
9.1 Pursuant to the electronic contract law, PMRquadro informs the Customer that his orders and personal data will be stored digitally on the internet server and at their premises according to the confidentiality and security criteria provided for by the current legislation: the sole purpose of activating towards the Client the procedure for the execution of the contract and the related necessary communications (including those addressed to the Bank in charge of the management of payments), in addition to the fulfillment of any legal obligations, as well as to allow effective management of business relationships to the extent necessary for the best performance of the requested service.
9.2 The purchase procedure through the www.bizetamotor.com website requires prior consultation of the information for the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 13 and 14 REG. EU 2016/679 and the consequent consent to its treatment.

10. Responsibility
10.1 PMRquadro assumes no responsibility for disservices due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, even if they are dependent on malfunctions or disruptions of the Internet, if it fails to execute within the time stipulated in the contract.

11. Access to the site
11.1 The Customer has the right to access the site for consultation and purchase; no other use of the site and its contents is permitted. The integrity of the elements of the site and the related technology used remain the property of PMRquadro and are protected by the intellectual property right.

12. Integrality
12.1 These General Conditions of Sale are constituted by the totality of the clauses that compose them; where one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale were to be considered contrary to mandatory regulatory provisions, the other provisions will continue to have full value and effectiveness.

13. Applicable law
13.1 The contractual relationship established between PMRquadro and the Customer is subject to Italian law.
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